Radiology Technologist

One of the most important requirements that an individual must meet before he can become a full-pledged radiology technologist is acquiring formal education and training. Individuals have plenty of options to choose from – they can take up a certificate program, an associate’s degree program, or a more comprehensive bachelor’s degree program. Whichever path an individual chooses to take will greatly be influenced by factors such as the amount of time he is willing to spend in training, the level of proficiency he wants to acquire, and the range of employment opportunities that he wants to be available to him.

If you want to become competitive and proficient as a radiology technologist, you must have at least completed an associate’s degree program, something that will take 2 years of your time. Your training program will be comprised of classroom and clinical instruction, and is designed to help you become skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced in handling x-ray equipment so that you can be qualified for employment in healthcare facilities such as hospitals and clinics. Patient safety, including yours and everyone’s, will also be emphasized during your training, especially since you will be working with radiation.

And because radiation is a very dangerous thing to work with, it has been established that an individual must first prove that he is truly proficient and qualified to become a radiology technologist before he gets into any radiographic imaging procedure. This is why besides getting the minimum level of training, you will find that acquiring a license is mandatory in most States before you can begin employment. Obtaining a license will have different requirements depending on each State. Some employers may also require you to have certification, specifically the one administered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT).

While it is true that education and training is a very critical matter when it comes to becoming a radiology technologist, these are not the only things you will need to perform your duties and responsibilities well as a radiology technologist. As a radiology technologist, it will be your job to come up with x-ray films known as radiographs and deliver them to doctors and other healthcare professionals so that they may be able to evaluate what kind of medical problem a patient has, come up with an official diagnosis, and recommend the proper course of action with regards to treatment.

Therefore, in order to perform your duties and responsibilities well as a radiology technologist, one of the most important qualities you must have is a keen eye for details. Since this job involves many technical stuff, you need to pay close attention to everything you do and make sure everything is in order. Being able to communicate and work well with others is another important quality to have since you will constantly be coordinating with doctors and specialists regarding the results of your radiographic imaging. Also, since you will be guiding patients along the imaging process, you must also have a genuine compassion for others and that ability to relate to what the patient’s is experiencing.











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