X-Ray Technician Career

As an x-ray technician, you have a very bright career to look forward to. Despite the strong competition involved in this career, you can get a sense of job security and with high financial rewards as well. Since the use of diagnostic imaging procedures such as x-ray has become prevalent over the years, the demand for workers in this field has significantly increased, not to mention the technological advancements that are making radiology a better healthcare provider. Radiographic imaging procedures are such an important part of healthcare because it allows doctors to take a peek inside the human anatomy without resorting to invasive measures.

An x-ray technician will be working a lot on taking images of patients using an x-ray machine. Since x-ray equipment can emit a significant level of radiation, exercising care is of utmost importance to ensure not only your patient’s safety but yours as well. Lead gloves, aprons, and shields will be commonly used to thwart the effects of radiation, but most importantly, it is necessary to follow all instructions given by the physician in order to ensure that imaging procedures are carried out according to plan. The purpose of these images is to help doctors make accurate diagnosis of a patient’s condition. Keep in mind though that explaining the condition of a patient is not covered by your job description.

If you want to become a successful x-ray technician, you need to at least pursue an associate’s degree program. While you may opt for a shorter certificate program, it won’t give you the best range of employment opportunities. Certificate programs are actually recommended for individuals who are already in the field of healthcare and just want to make sure he has the minimum qualifications to become an x-ray tech. To ensure the quality of training you will be receiving, make sure you choose a reputable x-ray tech school that offers training programs accredited by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT).

After you have invested at least two years of hard work in education and training, you must then get certified by the ARRT to get the best employment opportunities possible. This is because many employers today require that their x-ray techs are ARRT-certified since this is one of the best indicators of an individual’s competency and proficiency. Certification requires passing the certification exam administered by the ARRT and you will have to renew this certification every two years. You can find employment in most hospitals, but there are also excellent opportunities waiting for you in diagnostic imaging facilities, outpatient centers, and physician’s offices.

As an x-ray technician, there are also skills you need to possess in order to properly perform your duties and responsibilities. First and foremost, you need to have that genuine caring attitude towards patients and respecting their rights and feelings as well. Since you will be working not only with patients, but also with doctors, radiologists, and other medical practitioners, it is also important that you have good interpersonal and communication skills. It would also be an advantage to you if you already have a strong background in many science and math subjects before you proceed with your formal training program.










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